Royal House Of King Of Kings

'' Imperial House of Peace '' is a Sovereign Royal House and a Sovereign Royal IGO (Inter-governmental Organization) working together with office of Governor General of '' The World Leaders Forum / TWLF Sovereign IGO'', World HQ, Ireland.

Though the Sovereign Royal House will not operate under national regulators because this royal house part of Monarchy Govt and operate through Inter-relations with other top royal houses globally ; in order to protect our virtual presence globally we have decided to officially also get national govt record of this royal house and another Trading Name of the Royal House is : '' Royal House of King of Kings''. Below shared legal records from Irish Govt shared here for public view.

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cc to :  TWLF Sovereign IGO / Leading UN IGO, World HQ, Ireland

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*CRO Record / National Govt Record of ~ ''Imperial House Of Peace'' ;  Trading Name :  ''Royal House Of King Of Kings'' ; World HQ, Ireland

*Get to Know About~ ''King Of Kings'' who is also a Sovereign Provost Marshall General (5+ Star Military General) above Top International 35 Regulatory Bodies Worldwide , therefore also currently an Empowered Highest Ranking Law Enforcement Authority for all continents with his Divine Empowerment within entire British Empire  :


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*Other Ancestors of The Emperor :

*Other Formed Dynasty by Ancestors of The Emperor  :